About Us

Basictoday Sdn Bhd

was established since 2006, majoring in imports, wholesales through event booth and e-commerce platforms. We are top direct marketing company in Malaysia. We provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to manage and grow their business with the support by our dedicated staffs and financing of merchandise in support to our online and offline dealers and agents.

Basictoday Sdn Bhd
records a consistent growth in profit and expansion

since then and we have sold over 50,000 pieces of merchandises monthly which generates over 30 million sales per annum. Our merchandises consists of health
care, lifestyle, cosmetic, car care, skin care, e-commerce, food & beverage and digital solutions.

In this 17 years of tremendous growth in Malaysia pushes our commitment to further expand to Taiwan other south east countries in future. Today, we have over 30 sales and service centre with over 600 offline and online creditable sales force nationwide in all major cities in east and west Malaysia.

Core Values :

Our core values are our guiding principles that build our vision to help our people live better lives.

Mission :

Our mission is to provide ordinary people with the World’s Greatest Opportunity, promoting world class products to become Extraordinary.

I Integrity

We are honest and we keep our word and agreements.

L Leadership

We lead ourselves and our teams through greater heights by being accountable.

O Opportunity

We create opportunities for all people to advance their lives.

V Value

We value our team, customers, and clients.

E Excellence

We strive to create and maintain world class standards.

I Innovation

We embrace change. We embrace improving our products, services, and systems.

T Teamwork

We believe in all for one, one for all.