Health Care

We ventured into health care products and we managed to developed a system that works almost perfectly. With yearly gross sales of over RM 12.9 million, we will continue our marketing strategy and grow more into events and booths in hospitals, factories, shopping malls and e-commerce.


Fashion and fragrance is a distinctive and often a constant trend in the style in fragrances are a part of today’s fashion that people wear. A new research and development such in manufacture, laboratory and imported senses from France, we have many young and energetic entrepreneurs who proudly carries our own brand.

Car Care

This fast growing brand that generates RM 10.9 million sales yearly. The environmental friendly waterbase car wax detailing and acccessories come with a full range of car care products ranging from leather cleaner, tyre shine, glass cleaner and many more. We have teamed up with petrol stations like Petronas, Caltex, Petron, and particularly Shell in showcasing our products.


Established in 2019, we offer great products at fantastic prices from online to offline booth sales via our e-commerce platform which generates RM 8 million in sales. This is to align with the global transformation of the BIG DATA digital era in the future of the world.


Vie Cosmetics was created with our associate company in Paris, France. Our concept of “Make-Up For Your Personality” has been an ever-growing demand of looking and feeling good to the young generations. We provide a wide range of products to suit their needs. From primer to concealer to
foundation to pressed and loose powder and many more. Our products are found mainly at Watsons and pharmacies all around the cities.

Skin Care

The Aqua+ Series was formulated by skin-care
labs in the USA that makes use of innovative and natural ingredients to provide safe and beneficial attributes for daily skin cleansing and care. It
is an alternative way to treat acne. The brand specializes in providing solutions for Oily and Acne prone skin based on Nanotechnology.

Food & Beverage

Yomu Food specializes in distributing a wide range of premium food and beverage products. By preparing food made using only the highest quality of ingredients, we aim to constantly produce the best products that cater for all occasions, events, convenience and with nutrients needed for daily life. We are committed that we will expand our business as a food hub distribution point for premium food.